About Me

Local REALTOR in . . .
Greensboro, Climax, Pleasant Garden, Julian, Triad Areas of North Carolina

Remember the good old days when you went to the . . .

                         local grocery store and knew the owner
                              local cafe and had a cup of coffee with the owner
                                    local hardware store where you were helped by the owner
Or called your local REALTOR, who was raised in your area.
I am a local REALTOR that has called . .
The Triad Home for over 50 Years
I spend a significant amount of time looking for properties to buy or sell for clients that contract with me.  My main area of concentration is the Triad area of North Carolina.  I have lived in Southeast Guilford County for over 50 years (66 to be exact) and my area of expertise.
I lived in Pleasant Garden in the early 50's until we moved to Greensboro.  Met my wife Brenda while in Junior High School.  She lived in Climax.
So while dating Brenda, It brought me back to Southeast Guilford County.  We were married after graduating from High School and made our home in Climax.  Wy wife graduated from Southeast High School and has been a Teacher Assistant at Alamance Elementary School for 23 years.
We have 2 grown sons that grew up in the area and also graduated from Southeast High School.
I also have been an accountant for over 40 years and still do some consulting.  Most of my time is spent dealing in Real Estate.  I enjoy doing both because of meeting someone different everyday.
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